JF Wine Imports specializes in importing wine from small family wineries around the world. Please click on the links above to see profiles of just a few of the vignerons we are proud to represent.

 What is a Vigneron? 

The French term "vigneron" actually translates to "wine grower". 

In the wine industry there are people that grow grapes but don't make wine with them - these are generally called vine growers. Then there are those that do not grow grapes, but are employed to make wine - these are generally referred to as winemakers.  There are also what are known as negociants (wine merchants) that assemble the produce of smaller growers and winemakers and sell the result under their own name, not the name of the original producer. 

However, vignerons are people who actually make their own wine from vines that they cultivate, on land that they work with their own hands. These hardworking men and women take pride in every step of the process, and often live on the land they are cultivating, sometimes for many generations.